material sources

Primary materials. Primarily, freely-available online texts, in the broadest sense of WRITTEN THINGS:

• documents, manuscripts, printed books, music, and images;
• transcriptions, facsimiles, editions, and translations;
• hyperprojects that also come under MEDIEVAL & RENAISSANCE HYPERPROJECTS: digital humanities, electronic, hypertext projects; featuring encoded or marked-up text, relational or searchable databases, …
• digital catalogues (especially of manuscripts).

Some of the bigger sites and metasites linking to texts online have also been included here, for practical purposes. These are indicated by [M].


Tübinger Hausbuch, Tübingen University MS Md 2 (Württemberg, 15th c.)

work in progress …


  1. Hello, could you please let me know the source of the main illustration on your page? I’m presenting your site to my students. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Sorry, I should have done this and will add it to the post above. It’s the seven liberal arts from the Tübinger Hausbuch / housebook, Tübingen University MS Md 2 (Württemberg, 15th c.):
      & Iatromathematisches Kalenderbuch (which is curious, as Iatromathematics in most usages of the term = specific 17th c group; I’d have translated this & seen it more often elsewhere—other mss & descriptions—simply as “medical astrology”; ex. Marcus Manilius & Ibn Ezra)
      Hope that helps!

      I originally found the image on Wikimedia Commons.

    2. P.S. These “reaources” pages are rather out of date and it will be months (aaargh) before I have a chance to update them: if your students would like to update and expand them, that would be brilliant! And they could earn course marks for that from you, perhaps their own publications of their own websites, and gratitute from me 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for your reply! That’s a great illustration and generally a wonderful site! As our semester is practically over I won’t be able to up-dating the list with students this year, but it’s a interesting idea for credits, I’ll keep it in mind for next … unless of course everything is up to scratch by then 🙂

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