For post-graduates: Piled Higher and Deeper

The Obrienatrix heartily recommends the following, which helped her through the trials and tribulations of her PhD. Alongside the also excellent Dilbert – reminding me that there is a real world of employment out there too, and while it might pay better, it has its downsides too. Viz. Recent Events and Living in Interesting Times, The Curse Of.

For generalities on the harsh realities of PhD life (and a lot of incidental useful information and guidance), consolation through observing the sufferings of thinly-disguised fictional characters (and Celia’s blog), maybe sharing in them through commiseration and compassion, and perhaps even discovering a heartening sense of community:

For all these things and much more, have a look at the Stanford-based Piled Higher and Deeper: Life (or the lack therof) in academia.

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