Virtual libraries and reference shelves

Bibliotheca Augustana
British Library

Digital Scriptorium
Gallica: Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Online Medieval and Classical Library
ORB: Reference Shelf
Perseus Digital Library
Princeton University Library Online Reference Shelf
Project Gutenberg
University of Virginia Library Digital Collections
VOS: Voice of the Shuttle

Rather than doing a blogroll, which becomes somewhat cumbersome and unwieldy after a while, I’m going to be experimenting with listing links in post form. With cross-referencing by categories and (soooooon…)  by tags.

Herewith the first lot. To follow: reference and metasites – very broad and general medieval stuff – general Western European medieval literature  and culture – medievalism – French and Occitan literature – assorted ~isms – texts, textuality, poetics –

and also, some less serious and work-orientated sorts.

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