post coming up

Apologies: WP would appear to have failed to save every minute as supposed to, thus lost revisions and 4000+ words of text.

LOL and all that.

Post late already late due to the UBC Bookstore, in their infinite wisdom, having not stocked enough books for a large intro French class. Resulting in many students lacking required book, student worry (poor things), student emails, liaisng with Bookstore, rejigging the schedule, and an extra 20 hours or so of work in the last week for yours truly.

Hence no post yesterday. (That and other grimnesses.)

Rigolomania coming up. Only losing an hour of labour is a pretty trivial thing, especially concerned with the waste of time, energy, and brain-cells of last week.

Aaaaand… praise be the assorted divinities. Probably Amor, what happens when you type her name three or more times in a row 🙂 All seems tickety-boo on Chrome though crashing on Firefox. Maybe a full moon, foxes are distracted whereas circular symbols feel at home…

One comment

  1. amoramoramor … orabimus Amora but that’s going down an unfortunate mustardy route! xx

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