UBC Medieval Workshop

New updated site!

Featuring multiple-joke header!! (All in the best possible taste, of course. Well, mostly.)

The site is here:


And it looks a bit like this:

Also: very happy with all that, as it’s quite tricky to figure out imagery and other elements of look and feel that work for a broad chronological and cultural swathe (heh); so a certain colour palette and certain fabrics work rather nicely. Yes, there is undoubtedly a certain resemblance to meta-meta-medieval’s header (and with some similar rationale /raison d’être). And yes, guilty as charged on frequent use of a palette centred around about #330000, 660000, 990000, ffffff, and ffffcc for nearly ten years’ site design now.

There will also be more mirrors and mirror-related images.

Representational art may be trickier; for this year’s theme, a penitent Magdalen works in Europe from Late Antique through to counter-Reformation; can be translated to a working Everywoman from any period; the clothes are so simple they could fit in in a range of place. (OK: warmer ones: I don’t see that much déshabillé being a viable possibility in Scotland, even nowadays, unless you were filthy rich and lavish on the heating.) And there’s universal humanity, and thought at its heart.

Fond as I am of speculative activities, my favourite one is speculative fiction. Which, c/o imagination, includes wit and puns. To my (albeit puerile and often simple) mind, jokes are at least as likely to be at the heart of what it means to be human. That may just be me. We’ll see, once more of the book-stuff is done. In the above case: the joke involves

  • “surprise! you expected a mirror, didn’t you?”
  • homage to the medical speculum BUT NO FREUD
  • Heptameron 32 (François Rigolot: it’s a shame you can’t be at the Workshop: but you’ll be there in spirit and allusion)
  • apologies to Deleuze

Drapery/fleshery aside, the more quality, pre-Modern, pre-industrial, lustrous velvets do involve some mirroring, seeing as how they’re luminous. So there. It is actually a mirror, after all.

The full original, inc. context:

Actually, the last Workshop may have been slightly easier to design, given the topic of cross-cultural contact and flow, including the intertwining of designs, designs that themselves were intertwining, confluent. This may look like it’s twisting the title a little, away from “quest and conquest,” but many of the papers were indeed more in the direction of influence, infusion, confluence, convergence; rather than the Viagra model of politics and economics with which we are all sadly all too familiar. Not just as people who work with/in the past, but as people living in the here and now.

Rants on such things aside, here’s some pretty pictures:

(the header) “Quest & Conquest: Spiritual Symbols and Myths in the Indo-Mediterranean and European Worlds”

(the footer)

Witness, individual pictures aside, the gallery of images on its site:

✥ “Knots in Traditional Art,”Wikimedia Commons
✥ Qantara: Patrimoine méditerranéen: Traversées d’Orient et d’Occident
✥ “World’s Top Ten Greatest Ceilings,” SkyscraperCity Architecture Forums

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