from imminence to immanence, and émanence to éminence?

I’d like to think that’s the natural progression and proper Order of Things. One might be flattering oneself, however (and the main intended connection is to the image on your left, rather than Obrienaternal guilt).

Those updates are still forthcoming. That is to say that they will be coming forth. By the end of the week. But…

… well, this is not the usual sad story of blogging, I hasten to add; just a sad story of real life, which is actually and undeniably more important than blogging. In the meantime, I bring to you a happy story of the Future Of The Book/Literature/Civilization/Humanity, and encourage you in the liveliest fashion to partake and engage therewith. It does look rather fun.

  • A Novel Experiment (dot.maggie @ BBC, 2010-12-17). Yes, there are naysayers amongst the commenters; yes, there have been predecessors; but this is the here and now.
  • Libboo

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