on frank-heartedness

or, on that finest of qualities; one that is most intrinsically, quintessentially, literally “French.”

The good and generous people of Chapitre sent me this:

Which marvel of the art of not-so-subtly-suggestive (dé)coll(et)age shall remain sans commentaire. Except to note the author’s name: Françoise Cœur. She would appear to be a real person, and an Inspectrice générale de l’Éducation nationale no less: her other publications currently in print are for the Agrégation and CAPLP. We refrain from any possible “strict nanny” jokes and the like, containing ourselves to a simple delight (with maybe a teensy wee jiggle and bounce) to see such a delicious shift in a writer’s direction. Fuller descriptions of the book here and here.

Looking for your next stocking-filler? Amazon shows their usual verve and panache in suggested threesomes:

Image at top: Baude Cordier, chanson: “Belle, Bonne, Sage.” Ms Chantilly, Musée Condé 564; c. 1350-1400.

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