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purely semantic sub-debate?!” from Our Special Foreign Correspondent (who may well decide to appear over here on the dark side, and Name Herself in the process).

READER REQUEST: Also can you please write more fun things about lipstick and squirrels and not bibliographies? […] do more on mammals? No really, I like the stuff on mammals. And lipstick and general stuff.  I’d like to see sections on Sci Fi, chewed biros, time travel, Corto Maltese, plague literature, pot plants, peas, art history (with lots of pictures), and possibly, food. Clearly I should probably start my own meandering blog, or contribute anonymous musings about the above topics.

Anyway, count this as a formal reader request for more fun s**t and less fun s**t masquerading as ‘contextualised philology’.  This need not imply dumbing down, just a transfer […]  to ruminating on other things … like Melo Cakes. Go on, you must have 500 words on Melo-Cakes in you, hey even I can drag Parsifal into that one … Also links to online games would be v good. And photographs of fictional pets that meet sticky ends. Heheheheh.

‘Nuff said. Will see what I can do.

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