Feminist blogs, and some websites.

This is the merest whiff of what’s available online. For reasons of personal aesthetic preference, some selection has been made: an avoidance of the pure journal, for instance, and some sifting for writing of a higher quality. Though this is by no means always the case, and — sensible and serious things like gynocriticism and anarcha-feminism aside — my own tastes do verge towards the adolescent or even puerile, and allow for the bawdy and four-letter; so, erring on the side of the eclectic, yay even at the peril of the indiscriminate.


I am a feminist: being a woman.

Like (m)any (an)other, I am interested in the sorts of feminist thought that are about women.

As a woman who lives in the world, I am also interested in the sorts of feminism that look at, read, interpret, and comment on the world from a feminine point of view.

As a human being, I also declare an interest in humanism and all things actively, proactively, and interactively engagé.

So how should I be labelled? Anti-phallogocentric for sure; and it is a curious ironic paradox of history that, in taking up a stance against The Powers That Be, the fine and right-thinking folks who coined “phallogocentric” didn’t conjure up its contrary. It would be nice to be something other than something else’s negative (see: wo-man et al). Gynoperipheral—no, that makes me marginal so it won’t do. Gynocentric? But that implies replacing one authority with another, and I am opposed to centralising authorities and their tyrannies; besides, I disapprove of any ethical, political, and other ideological structures based on power-relations. Being a posthegemonic gynocritic seems to be some sort of a happy medium. And one that might, through shared definition and attributes, have returned me full circle to just being a good old-fashioned feminist.


  • Sites are in alphabetical order, as the hazards of juxtaposition give some taste of the rainbow of hues and flavours
  • Les sites en français sont indiqués par « FR »

Alas, a blog

FR : L’Annuaire au féminin

Aristotle’s Feminist Subject: This blog has been a way to interact with some of you around “subjects” that Aristotle has taught too many of us in the West, even today, to disparage: females, rhetoric, and translation. Much recovery yet to do.

FR : La Barbe: Groupe d’action féministe

bechdel_test | Recent Entries

The Bechdel Test: Movie List

The reason you rarely see conversations between women in Hollywood movies : all

Bitch Magazine: blogs

Bitch Ph.D.

A Blog Without a Bicycle

Blogging Feminism: (Web)Sites of Resistance


Blog of Feminist Activism

breaking out of the boyzone | Ask Metafilter

brown_betty: Dear White Feminists

The Canadian F-Word Blog Awards

The Carnival of Feminists

Center of Gravitas

FR : Les Chiennes de garde

FR : Clara magazine (cf. Femmes solidaires)

FR : Collectif droits des femmes

FR : Courrier de la Marche mondiale des femmes contre les violence et la précarité

The Curvature: A Feminist Perspective on Politics and Culture

FR : Cybersolidaires et Femmes de la francophonie

Diary of a Black Male Feminist: New Black Masculinity

Dirty Rotten Feminist

FR : Elles aussi

FR : Encore féministes !

FR : Espace Simone de Beauvoir (association pour les droits de la femme). See particularly Histoire – théories – ressources documentaires on feminism.

fbomb: a young feminist blog

The F-Word – contemporary UK feminism

FR : Famafrique

FR : Fédération des femmes du Québec


Female Impersonator

FR : Féminin masculin : le portail d’un nouveau genre

FR : Le féminisme l’emporte

Feminist Allies: A Blog for Feminist and Pro-Feminist Men’s Issues

A Feminist Blog

A feminist blogs

Feminist Blogs : independent alternatives to the malestream media (inc. the classic This is What a Feminist Looks Like blog)


Feministe – In defense of the sanctimonious women’s studies set.

Feminist Fred: Radical Feminism for Humans with Male Parts

Feminist Friendly


Feminist Majority Foundation – Breaking News, Feminism from Affirmative Action to Sexual Harrassment to Women’s Sports

Feminist Manifesto

Feminist Philosophers

feminist reprise :: the blog

Feminist Review

feminist rising

The Feminist Underground



FR : Femmes solidaires

Fetch me my axe

Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog

Fourth Wave

FR : Fraternet : Droits des femmes dans le monde


Girl with Pen: Bridging Feminist Research and Popular Reality

The Hathor Legacy

Hugo Schwyzer

FR : humOur de dogue

I Blame The Patriarchy

Inkwell: blog of the Independent Women’s Forum

Jezebel: Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing.

Jump off the Bridge

FR : Lobby européen des femmes

FR : Manifeste des libertés (liens)

FR : Marche mondiale des femmes

Masculinity and its Discontents

Masculinity in Media

Mind the Gap

Modern Mechanix

FR : Ni putes ni soumises

No Cookies For Me

Oh, You’re a FEMINIST?!


FR : Les Pénélopes

Professor, What If …?



FR : Regards des femmes

The Scholar and Feminist Online 5.2 (2007): Blogging Feminism: (Web)sites of Resistance


The Shameless blog – Shameless Magazine – for girls who get it

Shapely Prose


FR : Sisyphe : Un regard féministe sur le monde

A Slant Truth

Thinking Girl: because women are people too

Tilting at Windmills

Unapologetically Female: Life through a Feminist Lens

The Uncommon Man: Men’s Resources International – Supporting Men in Supporting Women

WIMN’S Voices: A Group Blog on Women, Media and News (Women In Media and News)

Womanist Musings

Women’s Glib

Women’s Views on News

The Women Within: An Examination of Classic and Contemporary Women in Film

Finally, a fine purveyor of feminist-themed gear (including the splendid mouse-mat featured below)

[Note To Self: Blogrolls to finish perusing:
Bitch Magazine: blogsProfessor, What If …?Feminist ReviewGirl with PenShrubFeminist FredWomen’s Glib]

Note: although this, like other mousemats, is now discontinued and a technological antique: the message still stands, re. the backing up of words. Also, smart women are neither antiques nor discontinued.

Images: Smart Women Company

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