Website, blog, and listserv of possible interest: THE ATRIUM & EXPLORATOR

[with thanks to our secret overseas correspondent]

EXPLORATOR is a weekly newsletter representing the fruits of the labours of ‘media research division’ of The Atrium: Portal to the Worlds of Greece and Rome. Various on-line news and magazine sources are scoured for news of the ancient world (broadly construed: practically anything relating to archaeology or history prior to about 1700 or so is fair game) and every Sunday they are delivered to your mailbox free of charge!

Past issues of Explorator are available on the web via subscribe to Explorator, send a blank email message to:

To unsubscribe, send a blank email message to:

To send a ‘heads up’ to the editor or contact him for other reasons:

Explorator is Copyright (c) 2008 David Meadows. Feel free to distribute these listings via email to your pals, students, teachers, etc., but please include this copyright notice. These links are not to be posted to any website by any means (whether by direct posting or snagging from a usenet group or some other email source) without my express written permission. I think it is only right that I be made aware of public fora which are making use of content gathered in Explorator. Thanks!

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