recent highlights / on the dark ages

Or, Big Hairy Post No. 1.

Apocalypse Now. Shock and Horror. Barbarians at the Gates of Dawn of the Dead. Fear and Loathing in Academia, Education, and Intelligent Life in General (not that I am for a minute suggesting that these are synonymous, or that there’s anything other than some intersections going on here). Grotty politics. The archimimocratic revolution may be nigh, but it’s not yet quite here, alas and alack and alarum.

Anyway: So: Bad news first.

Old news… or recent history. Only time will tell.

Tired platitudes aside, herewith (the first of) The Promised Post(s): links from saved emails, bookmarks, and other virtual clippings. Lovingly grown over the summer months and now gathered for a bountiful harvest festival. Happy post-Lughnasadh and pre-Samhain.


a modern marvel

A colleague and friend in Dublin is quite sure that there are certain things that define the Modern era, in paradigm-shift terms: she’s an Enlightenment sort, and her Epochal Items are:

• champagne
• coffee

To which many would add:

• tea
• tobacco

But to which I would insist on the addition of:

  • chocolate.


no news is good news

That is, nothing further on here for the next while due to catching up with marking, getting all work back to students before the end of term, and preparing for exams. Call it self-grounding. I did, however, come across the following rather fine specimen of the Beebian Art of Juxtaposition: