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two very-short-story-sprouts / #COVIDcampus #remoteteaching #remotelearning

Starts of stories, stories without words, songs without words, infinitely potential-rich for singing, loamy exercises of “sentence and solace” adaptable to a range of contexts and environments. (more…)

weekend whimsy: a very short story


#COVIDcampus #remoteteaching #remotelearning – français débutant et intermédiaire (du DELF A1 au B1) : mini-festival de cinéma français d’il y a un siècle #open et gratuit


CO-COVID-19 COLLEGIAL CAMPUS CO-OP™️ #academictwitter #COVIDcampus #remotelearning: sample simple set-up using Canvas with WordPress as backup


#academictwitter #COVIDcampus #remotelearning : université + français L2 pour débutants

(Un petit guide rapide, copié et collé de ce que je fais avec l’équipe de deux cours de français que j’enseigne et coordonne : on est douze, dix-sept sections / classes, dans les 500+ étudiants. Et au Canada, où les outils sont sujets à la Loi sur l’accès à l’information et la protection de la vie privée. Peut-être utile pour d’autres dans des situations analogues dans d’autres universités de taille pareille, on est dans les 50.000 étudiants.)


#academictwitter #COVID19 resources for online (anthropo-)synchronous teaching

(Updated ten days later to change the title, a few days into actual onlinised teaching that is neither synchronous nor (possibly even) asynchronous in earlier, now anachronistic, senses of the words: we’re now into a different sense of chronology, a changed being-in-space-and-time, asynchrony in real time: maintaining hoping for anthroposynchrony.)

This is a post where I’ll list what has seemed to me to be helpful guidance from humanities colleagues with experience and expertise in teaching online.
Last updated: 2020-03-13 20:35

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intermission: fluffy frivolous irrelevant stuff

On attempting to survive allergy-and-stress vicious-cycle season.


  • contains nothing of a scholarly nature
  • contains nature
  • is entirely self-indulgent without even a veneer of pretence at being anything else or loftier


Weasels and otters (1): prologue


Animal reading: teaching and learning about animal thinking

This essay is based on a talk given in January 2020 at the Modern Language Association Convention in Seattle, whose Presidential Theme was “Being Human.” (more…)

#MLA20 #s495 – Animal reading: teaching and learning about animal thinking (Modern Language Association 2020 Convention talk version)

Draft paper (PDF)