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Some medieval eschargotology (recycling #medievaltwitter post-talk and for #mdvl310d )

As promised at least a couple of weeks ago to MDVL310D students, and in answer to a question by my colleague Prof. Bill Winder re. this here thing earlier this afternoon.


A collage-story without any added words.


The Joy of Consent: Feeling Together (2: slides & references) #MLA18

The 133rd MLA (Modern Language Association) Annual Convention, New York
2018 Presidential Theme: States of Insecurity
Session 92: LLC Occitan Forum – “Joy: Thinking / Feeling”
Thursday 4 January 2018, 3:30 p.m.


Slides from talk, in PowerPoint and PDF (and yes, the talk was under the allotted 20 minutes):



Protected: The Joy of Consent: Feeling Together (MLA talk notes)

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Unicorns (3): they’re real

They exist and they are all around. You just need to look carefully to see them. Happy New Year: may there be unicorns in yours.


the tale of the squirrel

It all started innocently enough:


the fable of the egg

105A3E8C-CE5F-4EE8-8255-C74D4F504A0AOnce upon a time, one Sunday morning in October, some medievaltwitterers congregated to converse about the Chicken and Egg problem.


Medieval conversation about chickens, eggs, problems (the creative kind), and other non-chicken creatures


it’s that time of year again


On textbooks, midterm blues, and other truths of social justice

Warning: contains elephants in rooms.