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Credo (2): Mashup remix: #4wordpedagogy + #UBC100


@UBC Faculty Association motion of no confidence in Board of Governors carries



Further to a series of unfortunate events that had taken place from August 2015 onwards, and particularly in reaction to the accidental release of documents at the end of January 2016, a motion of no confidence in the UBC Board of Governors was brought to members of the Faculty Association.  (more…)

Fore and aft of the @UBC Faculty Association NO CONFIDENCE in the #UBCBoG meeting (2): from the afternoon of 2016-03-22 onwards

Continuation of Twitter collage, from after the Faculty Association meeting up to the evening of 2016-03-26:


Fore and aft of the @UBC Faculty Association NO CONFIDENCE in the #UBCBoG meeting (1): up to the morning of 2016-03-22

Here is a sequence of Twitter screenshots (all public and still there), some content of which had already appeared on here, some of which would later.

Like all my scholarly activity, my Twitter reading and writing also includes Medievalism and the Humanities in general; I’m also working on two translations and on debate-poetry and satire, and in process of preparing (and therefore thinking about) courses I am teaching next year on the liberal arts (300-level Medieval Studies) and the bande dessinée / graphic novel & other cartoons in French (300-level French literature & culture). As often happens, apparently distinct and distant threads will cross, sometimes interweave, create interference and convergence patterns and rhythms, and may resonate or harmonise. Allusive, analogical, architectural. All part of the creative process.

CAVEAT: some items are out of order; in process of fixing that.


I’m voting NO CONFIDENCE in the UBC Board of Governors (3a, the long version)

Here are the notes I prepared for speaking to the motion I was seconding today, at a Special General Meeting of the UBC Faculty Association, with the addition of comments: mostly back-up development of points / arguments from post (1) in this present series, and back-up evidence excerpted from post (2).

Comments added with reference to today’s meeting and discussion are in [square brackets]. The original text in post (3) is in italics.

I should add in preface that these remarks are simply a statement of how I came to this position. If they help others in making a decision—whatever that decision might be—that is all to the good and they will have served their purpose. (more…)