The Old Talks Series: “Richard the Lionheart and the poetics of imprisonment”

Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Trinity College Dublin Cultures of War Research Network Inaugural Conference: TCD CMRS / IMEMS (Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Wales) / associated with CARMEN (Co-operative for the Advancement of Research through a Medieval European Network) PREAMBLE This was a talk to an interesting […]

The Old Talks Series: “Chat-Up Lines: The Expression of Feminine Ingenuity in some Occitan Hagiography” (Faith, Enimia, Margaret)

Here’s something I think I’ll return to this summer, encouraged by discussion with the marvellous Jennifer Edwards and through her talk yesterday (Kalamazoo session 73, Société Guilhem IX; Celebrating Occitania Then and Now: Responses across Disciplines): “Si me non osculeris, hinc mihi cura nec ulla est”: Radegund, the Leper’s Kiss, and Holy Healing in Poitou. […]

The Old Talks Series: “La Consolation de l’amitié poétique au féminin dans le ‘Roman de Flamenca’ “

“La Consolation de l’amitié poétique au féminin dans le Roman de Flamenca” Colloque SATOR Filière : Amitiés féminines University of Victoria, 2012 First, as a special treat for non-Francophone readers, an entirely misleading but very pretty picture from the Getty museum blog:

The Old Talks Series: “Le non-dit in ‘Flamenca’: language, courtliness, and languages of courtliness”

DRAFT – WORK IN PROGRESS [LAST UPDATE: 2014-10-09, changes to the end of section IV] Because apparently it’s therapeutic to be more open about such things. You know, that work is a process, and that A Work rarely if ever emerges fully-formed ex nihilo. When made by regular humans, anyway. Though this does feel rather […]

The Old Talks Series: “The ‘Trobairitz’ and ‘Flamenca’ “

47th International Congress on Medieval Studies University of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo May 2012 Société Guilhem IX: Session 93, “Women and the Troubadours” CALL FOR PAPERS Women figure in the large majority of Troubadour poems, whether as the erotic focus, object of mystery, speaking voice, invoked saint or patroness. The Trobairitz corpus has gone from obscurity […]