Learning environments: a review of some university classrooms

I have now been teaching at UBC for ten years. I’ve taught in 43 classrooms; some of them for more than one course, and some of them for courses that were in a different room for every class in a week. Another two will be added to the list in the coming academic year. It […]

innovations (1-3)

My institution is big on innovation, being as it is “a place of mind” with lots going on that is lively, dynamic, engaging and engaged, rich and enriching, giving and giving back, saving the world, and being creative. Especially creating fame and fortune, “from here” as the historic slogan goes. (We arrived here at the […]

inhuman lacks of resources

It’s always nice to see University money being well-spent on vital services. Heart-warming and fuzzy-making. Makes one proud, valued, and happy. This is now my sixth year at this institution. In that time, no new classrooms have been built. Some (temporary “swing space”) have been / are being removed from “the pool.” New rooms were […]