On standing for election to the UBC Faculty Association (2)

I realised today that I could have written a very much shorter and punchier statement. This is it. I will advocate for quiet. Slightly longer version: Faculty, like any other workers, ought to have decent working conditions. Our workplace should be a place of calm, comfort, and collegiality. That is in the interests of health, […]

Reading frogsong

Lecture notes from RMST 221B, WEEK 2 (as image files crashed on Canvas and UBC Blogs site) TOPIC: Introduction: starting small with a frog in a poem context: a bigger picture, whole book, intertextual network of books and other knowledge, and ecosystem reading ecosystemically READINGS: Prologues, prefaces, and bodies of knowledge: Marie de France Lais (+ […]

Learning environments: a review of some university classrooms

I have now been teaching at UBC for ten years. I’ve taught in 43 classrooms; some of them for more than one course, and some of them for courses that were in a different room for every class in a week. Another two will be added to the list in the coming academic year. It […]